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License Terms of Use

For UBC Library users

Research/Private Study



May I download or print a copy of the material(s) for UBC-related research or my own private study?

Class Handouts



May I distribute or incorporate multiple print copies of the material(s) into class handouts distributed to students in a UBC course?

Print Course Packs



If you would like to find out whether parts of this electronic resource can be included in printed course packs, please contact us here, and we will obtain the information from the publisher as quickly as possible.

Learning Management Systems



May I upload an electronic copy of the materials(s) on a learning management system (e.g. Connect, Vista, MEDICOL) for a UBC course or research?




May I upload an electronic copy of the materials(s) on a library course reserves system?




May I incorporate graphs, charts, tables, images and other graphics embedded in the materials(s) in instructional slides and handouts for use in the classroom? 

Persistent URLs



May I post a persistent URL (electronic link) to the material(s)?

Text and Data Mining


Systematic downloading or harvesting articles, citations, metadata (e.g. using citation managers such as EndNote or Zotero) is strictly prohibited. (You must contact us here. Permission is required or a Text and Data Mining Package should be purchased.)


For Libraries

Is interlibrary loan (ILL) allowed?


For further inquiries about obtaining an item from this electronic resource, contact UBC Library Interlibrary Loans.

"Permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of American Economic Association publications
for personal or classroom use is granted without fee, provided that copies are not distributed for profit
or direct commercial advantage and that copies show the notice of copyright on the first page or initial
screen of a display along with the full citation, including the name of the author. Copyrights for
components of this work owned by others than AEA must be honored."

If your intended use is not covered here or you have additional questions about license permissions, please contact us here

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